Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Another Quote from St. Isaac

St. Isaac the Syrian
Not to contradict or argue with the thoughts cunningly sown in us by the enemy, but to cut off all intercourse with them by prayer, is a sign of a mind that has found wisdom and power by grace. Its true understanding of the situation frees it from much (vain and superfluous) labor. By taking this short-cut, we cut out the devious circuits of a long ramble. For we do not at all times have the power to reduce to silence all opposing thoughts by argument and to conquer them. For the most part we receive wounds, and the healing of these injuries may take a long time. You are challenging foes with six thousand years experience behind them! Your conversation with them will provide them with the means of bringing about your downfall, for they are far superior to you in wisdom and knowledge. But even if you win, your mind will be defiled by their vile thoughts, and their foul stench will linger in your memory. By using the first method (i.e. by refusing discussion), you will be free from all these effects and from fear. There is no help apart from God. - St. Isaac the Syrian

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