Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Iraq church has 'new martyrs', says Baghdad archbishop

Geneva (ENI). Christians are fleeing Iraq and Christianity risks disappearing from the country, says a senior Baghdad archbishop, reiterating appeals made recently to Western churches to intercede with their governments about the plight of the Iraqis. "We do have the courage of faith, the outpouring of love, but because of the war, you see death and destruction, the manifestation of evil. Our people are lacking hope, and so they are leaving," said Archbishop Avak V. Asadourian of the Armenian Church of Iraq in an interview with Ecumenical News International. "We have new martyrs in the church in Iraq," said Asadourian. "I know of no one incident in the last four years where priests have converted to another religion because they have been threatened," the archbishop stated, adding the same was true for lay people. "So in Iraq the faith of your brothers and sisters in Christ is strong enough to face martyrdom." [593 words, ENI-07-0956]

Ecumenical News International Online

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