Saturday, December 15, 2007

St. Seraphim on Pre-Christian Religions

"Though not with the same power as in the people of God (the Hebrews), nevertheless the presence of the Spirit of God also acted in the pagans who did not know the true god, because even among them God found for himself chosen people. Such, for instance, were the virgin prophetesses called Sibyls who vowed virginity to an unknown God, but still to God the Creator of the universe, the all-powerful ruler of the world, as He was conceived by the pagans. Though the pagan philosophers also wandered in the darkness of ignorance of God, yet they sought the Truth which is beloved by God; and on account of this God-pleasing seeking, they would partake of the Spirit of God, for it is said that the nations who do not know God practice by nature the demands of the law and do what is pleasing to God [cf. Romans 2:14]... So you see, both in the holy Hebrew people, a people beloved by God, and in the pagans who did not know God there was preserved knowledge of God - that is, a clear and rational comprehension of how our Lord God the Holy Spirit acts in man, and by means of what inner and outer feelings one can be sure that this is really the action of our Lord God the Holy Spirit and not a delusion of the enemy. That is how it was from Adam's fall until the coming in flesh of our Lord Jesus Christ into the world." - St. Seraphim of Sarov

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