Monday, February 15, 2010

Unborn Child

I had never heard this powerful song or even heard of this artist before I came across a post of this video by Jnorm888 at Ancient Christian Defender. And thanks very much to him for that; this is a great song.


  1. "I turned the womb into a tomb."

    That really jumped out at me. Powerful video. May God use it to speak to men who are pressuring their girlfriends/wives to have an abortion.

  2. Willie Will is cool peoples. I like him alot, and he is one of my favorite rappers. He is somewhat different from alot of other protestant christian rappers because he likes to talk about his own personal experiences alot. Most others won't tell you about their own life.

    Back when I was protestant I use to be real heavy and really really into the christian rap scene. I went to alot of christian rap conferences, concerts.....etc.

    I'm not as big into it like I use to be, but I am still cool with alot of my old protestant christian hiphop friends.

    Last year I tried to start a christian rap forum with a Coptic friend of mine, but it didn't go anywhere. We were mostly brainstorming because We wanted a place to hang out for ourselves. We were tired of depending on Protestant and Roman Catholic rap/hiphop forums.

    But as you can see, we really don't know what to do just yet.


  3. Orthohop? You crack me up, Jnorm. I am from a different era. I was a fan of Keith Green. His style was revolutionary at a time when most Christians only considered hymns acceptable worship music.

    Rap and hip-hop aren't my thing, but if it's yours, then I say along the Isley Brothers, "It's your thing do what you wanna do, I can't tell ya who to sock it to."

  4. Since becoming Orthodox, I have learned that Folk music is very popular among a number of Orthodox. From what I heard, it is also one of the oldest forms of non Sacred music by jews and christians.

    When I was little my parents wouldn't let me listen to rap music, but like alot of kids, I found a way to listen to it anyway.

    I got into christian rap when I was in highschool back in 1994/1995
    I am against the idea of having rock or rap in what some modern charismatic protestant churches do. Instead, I believe that it should be seen as being no different from mainstream music. It should be on tv, and the radio just like mainstream music, and music artists that are christian should be allowed to perform in some of the same clubs as mainsteam artists.

    I am using the word "mainstream" for secular because I was trying not to use the word "secular".

    I view liturgical music as being sacred......nonsecular. Therefore christian rock and rap would have to be seen as being secular in my eyes.


  5. Jnorm:

    David Bryan (at "Oh Taste and See") and I had a short conversation about the potential for starting some kind of ministry using hip hop culture as a jump-off point similar to Death to the World's use of punk-rock culture. Neither of us could figure out how it would look in the end, but I think it's a great idea with a lot of potential. Someday...


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