Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Role of Women in the Orthodox Church

A video my wife did for my YouTube channel:

Thank you, baby! I love you!


  1. Yeah!

    So glad to meet you :) I didn't catch your name, but I want to say thanks for doing the video. What Metropolitan said about women being ascetics...thanks for sharing that it really touched me. I know that I pour myself out for my husband, kids, grandkids, and I many times have no time to do my prayers even.

    I feel drawn to the ascetic life, and never believed I would ever get there, but what you shared made it all come together. I don't feel the way some women in America do, resenting their role, but I love serving them. It even makes their sometimes unappreciative attitude make sense, and I think it will be easier for me to humbly do my work and not worry about the "praise of men."

    Thanks David for letting your lovely wife have a crack at it. :) :) Kimberly Emilia

  2. Yeah, right.. the role of women in the Orthodox church.. this picture says it all..

  3. Well, there are two main reasons why there aren't any female presbyters in Orthodox Church. Except for mysticism, the main reasons are practical ones. First of all, pregnant woman wouldn't be able to do all the services (hours, vespers, matins, liturgies etc.) which last long and require standing all the time and singing. The second reason is a very squeamish one: when blood stains the temple, the temple is considered desecrated, and it is required to be consecrated again.


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