Friday, September 9, 2011

On Old Testament Violence and Orthodox Interpretation of Scripture

Fr. Hans Jacobse and members of the UMBC Orthodox Christian Fellowship address the issue of violence in the Old Testament. Why is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob portrayed as a wrathful, tribal deity whereas the God of the New Testament appears humbling and loving? Did God change? How do we read our Bible? How have cultures changed since the time of the time of the Old Testament?

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  1. A very interesting perspective. It seems to me he isn't denying that the events in the OT were real history...nor denying that they were willed by God...but calling attention to the fact that the deeper narrative is the "meat" of the story, and the fulfillment in Christ is the truth of the matter. However, I've met some Orthodox who seem to take an almost liberal Protestant approach and say "oh, the OT was written by people who did savage things and just ascribed them to the will of God, although God would never actually do that." It's one thing to rise above the literal facts of the text, another to discount or deny them altogether. Lest we forget, the same God who struck down the firstborn of Egypt, and Uzziah for touching the Ark, also struck down Ananias, with his wife Sapphira, for "lying to the Holy Spirit."


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